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Getting Ready for Your LA Ghost Tour

Ah, Los Angeles. While you might know The City of Angels for it’s star power, balmy weather, delicious food scene, and the iconic Hollywood sign, there is a haunted side to the city that you can only experience with a LA ghost tour. 

Yes, it is believed that specters and spirits wander the city known for angels, and when you take a look at LA’s sprawling history, it makes sense.

From grim Hollywood tales to true-crime stories that date back hundreds of years, Los Angeles has plenty of haunted history to explore. And the best way to experience all of that spooky history? An LA ghost tour.


Scarier Than LA Rush Hour Traffic

What can you actually expect on a LA ghost tour? Firstly, it’s important to understand what a ghost tour is in general. Typically, a ghost tour is a walking tour that will take you to several different locations known for paranormal activity.

These sites can be just about anything, from old homes and stores to street corners, and they’ve probably been right under your nose for longer than you realize.

A ghost tour will typically have a guide, unless you’re doing a self-guided experience (we recommend a tour with a guide, we’ll dive into why in a moment). Then, you and your friends will typically don real ghost hunting gear (like EMF readers) and set off on a professionally-guided ghost hunt through the area.

History buffs are in for a treat, as you’re likely to learn a lot of real haunted history on your ghost tour. That’s one of the perks of having a guide on your tour.

They’re typically experts in the haunted history of the area, and can show you exactly where the haunted sites are. Other than that, we recommend using a guided tour so you have an expert facilitating your experience so that it’s fun, safe, spooky, and interesting.

A question that always comes up: is a LA ghost tour scary? Well, it depends on which tour you’re doing, and how easily you get scared. It’ll likely take you to real-life locations that have dark stories. It’s important to note that some tours are appropriate for people of all ages, while some are only suitable for adults. 

If you’re wondering about experiencing paranormal activity, that’s also a big question mark. But many haunted tours regularly stir up spirits and invite apparitions. Sometimes guests report strange sensations, hear shrill sounds, and document unexplainable images in photographs from their tours.


Who Are Ghost Tours For?

LA ghost tours are perfect for just about anyone. They’re great for groups of friends, families (as long as the tour is age appropriate), and also for coworkers who are looking for an awesome team building activity. Certain LA ghost tours might include specific activities which are especially great for team building, such as scavenger hunts. Many LA ghost tours also start (and possibly end) at a local bar.


So What Are These Haunted Sites You Speak Of?

Where exactly you go on a LA ghost tour depends on your tour provider. There are essentially endless places with haunted history in Los Angeles, many of which you’ve probably heard of. Here are just a handful of the places that have some haunted history in Los Angeles:

  • The Silent Movie Theatre: This theater opened in 1942, and is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the two people who originally owned it.
  • The Hollywood Sign: Believe it or not, the iconic Hollywood sign itself is believed to be haunted, due to a grim part of its history.
  • Griffith Park: This massive park is beautiful, but there is a dark side to its history, involving a string of misfortunes for those who hold the deed to the park.
  • The Del Monte Speakeasy: This was an actual speakeasy during the Prohibition era, but today, some believe that a former owner still haunts the place, and sits at his favorite booth.
  • Cobb Estate: This forest and former estate is also known as the “haunted forest,” and many people have reported eerie feelings and unusual sounds while hiking its trail. 
  • Queen Mary: This ship used to be a luxury ship, but after service as a ferry and during war, she is now known as the “Grey Ghost.” Today the ship is a floating hotel and venue, but many people believe that nearly all of the ship is haunted.


What Should I Know About Ghost Hunting?

If you’ve never been ghost hunting, whether on your own or with a group, there are some things you should know before you go. Here are some common ghost hunting tips that we recommend keeping in mind:

  • Don’t go alone: Especially if you’re visiting some haunted sites without a guide it’s always best to bring a buddy or two. You’ll have another pair of eyes in case you spot something that might be a manifestation, and you’ll also have someone around if something goes wrong. While you likely don’t need to be fearful of ghosts, ghost hunters say they’re more worried about the real people they might encounter, especially when visiting “abandoned” places.
  • Choose accessible locations: You always want to make sure the places you’re visiting are accessible to the public, and that you’re not trespassing on private property.
  • Scout during the day: Before you visit a place at night, scout it out during the day. Take note of any potential hazards, and identify the haunted spots, so you can find them easily in the dark.
  • Prepare carefully: There are many ways you can properly prepare for a ghost hunt. Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes, make sure your devices are fully charged, and that you have a flashlight or headlamp.
  • Be respectful: While ghost hunting, it’s important to be respectful of both the spirits you might encounter and the places you’re visiting. Just as you probably wouldn’t like it if someone barged into your home, you should tread lightly in haunted areas. Also, be sure to “leave no trace,” and leave the location exactly as you found it.


The Haunt LA Experience

We lead the real hands-on ghost hunting adventure through Chinatown. You’ll use paranormal investigation tools and visit known haunted locations! Learn more and book here.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about Los Angeles, you’re a history buff, or you’re in the market for an awesome team building activity, an LA ghost tour is perfect for just about everyone. While not every LA ghost tour is created equal, there are plenty of different tour options, so you can make sure you pick one that’s best suited for your needs.

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