Private Ghost Tour

Seeking scary storytellers

Work With Us

Current Openings:
-Los Angeles Ghost Tour Guide
-San Francisco Ghost Tour Guide

We’re looking for creepy, engaging storytellers to join our team and lead ghost tours!

This is a lot of fun, and a great chance to perform regularly for groups of up to 26 people.

Our ideal guide…

  • is a performer with an improv or theater background
  • loves the art of storytelling
  • is a fan of true crime podcasts
  • has personal experience with the paranormal

Is this you?

As the face of the company, it is the tour guide’s duty to exemplify the Haunt brand, bringing fun, theatrical entertainment, as well as genuine compassion and care for all guests.

This person is a natural performer and engrossing storyteller, with excellent communication skills, a resonant stage voice and an engaging presence. They are able to capture the attention of a large group — even in the bustling, sometimes chaotic streets of big cities by night.

The tour guide has a love for all things ghostly, and is familiar with ghost TV shows, podcasts, movies, and ghost hunting gear.

This person is open to giving and receiving constructive feedback from the team, and recognizes coaching and feedback as an integral part of growth as a performer and host.

The tour guide is a genuine and empathetic person with care for all guests, and a commitment to making them feel taken care of. They will develop ways to ensure that every experience is to our high standard, and always be improving.


  • Improv comedy or stage experience
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to memorize information quickly
  • Great at giving and receiving feedback

The Haunt is an artist-owned company, and our mission is to provide great jobs to working creatives, keeping the haunted spirit of our favorite cities alive.

To Apply

We want to see what your tour guide style is! 

Your mission: record a 3-5 minute selfie-style video leading a tour of…your refrigerator or closet (yes, really).

Ham it up and add some drama (like you’d speak to a group of tourists!), with your own engaging storytelling style. This is your chance to show us that you’re a true performer!

Then, upload to Youtube (unlisted, not private) and email the link to Wes at 

Be sure to mention which city you’re applying for!

We’ll be in touch about an interview if this feels like a good fit 🙌

After you apply (see application above), we’ll see if it feels like a fit.

If so…

  • Zoom screening interview + storytelling test: We’ll ask questions about your interest, availability, and improv skills.
  • Join a tour: See the tour in action as an observer (pays $30).
  • Memorize and deliver 1 speech (pays $100). You’ll perform this live on a tour. This will be your official “audition.”
  • After this, you will either move into paid training ($500 to learn the remaining speeches).
  • Ideally you’re up and leading your own tours within 3 weeks!

More than any other ghost tour we know of!

Tour guides are paid $120 for the first tour of the night, and $100 for the second.

Tips/gratuities are customary, and will be a significant part of your income.

This tour takes place in big cities after dark.

There are occasionally interruptions or encounters with street folks, hecklers and drunks who may attempt to derail the tour.

This is the main challenge, and we are looking for tour guides who are confident to handle these encounters and keep your tour group feeling safe.

Nope, our tours are in English only for now (but we might be interested if you feel confident to lead in another language!)

We are artists and like to arrange a schedule that fits your lifestyle. To do this, we set our schedule 1-2 months in advance. 

Once you’ve confirmed/accepted shifts, it is your responsibility to get these covered if needed.

We are currently seeking guides who can work 1-3 shifts a week, which may increase during peak season.

We lead tours year-round, rain or shine. These are popular even during “low season” on weekends, and are particularly busy June through October, and during holiday weeks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc).

We ask that you schedule extended vacations outside of these times.

  • Cash tips
  • Vacation Pay: You will accrue 8% of hours paid to be used as Paid Time Off
  • Professional Development: $40/month reimbursement for ghost/paranormal/true crime research

Ideally you would have flexible daytime availability (there are occasional private daytime tour requests).

The vast majority of shifts (including private tours) will start at 5pm or later.

The latest tours we run are generally 8pm (ends around 9:45pm).