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The Best LA Ghost Tours | Ranked

Los Angeles might be the city of angels, but it also has a notoriously haunted history. And there’s no better way to experience that history than with a real LA ghost tour.

There are plenty of things that make Los Angeles a dream destination for those interested in ghost tours, from infamous true-crime stories that inspired binge-worthy TV shows, to spooky hotels with reports of spirit sightings.

Trust us: plenty of the nondescript buildings that you pass on the streets of LA actually are prime locations for LA ghost tours.

Interested in going on an LA ghost tour? Here are some LA ghost tour providers who can take you to some of the most haunted places in the city, and teach you about their ghostly history:

The Haunt

This is Los Angeles’s first real ghost hunting adventure. You’ll get access to real professional-grade paranormal investigation tools, and seek out signs of spirits in historic Chinatown!

Between stories, you’ll get a chance to investigate and attempt communication with ghosts who may still linger.

LA Ghost Tour

Description: ”LA Ghosts offers a remorseless look at Tinsel Town’s dark past. Our unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveals what makes this city one of the most compelling haunted locations in the country.”

Ghost City Tours

Description: “Join Ghost City Tours as we travel through time into the dark side of Hollywood glamour. Death, disease, misfortune, and famous ghosts are all prowling this iconic city.”

The Real Los Angeles Tours

Description: “On our DTLA Murder Mystery Ghost tour we go on an investigation of the noir underbelly of Los Angeles – and enjoy cocktails in a couple of haunted bars.”

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