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Why normal team building sucks

Let’s just call it like it is: normal team building pretty much always sucks. It basically feels like pulling teeth to get people involved, and the activities are sterile.

And really, normal team building sucks because it doesn’t actually achieve its goals of making teams feel more connected, and it’s awkward along the way. Talk about oof.

No one likes this kind of team building, but it especially won’t fly here in the Bay Area. Your people need a team building activity that is next-level, like they are.

Wait, there are fun team events? Like, actually fun?

If even the words “team building” have you spooked, we get you, because we’ve been there too. But YES, there are fun team events that genuinely are a blast, and that help build stronger teams (we know, because we’ve designed them).

We don’t know about you, but we think that team building activities should be as awesome as the teams doing them, and should genuinely get people excited.

Plus, who doesn’t like things that are a little bit weird? That’s why we’re beyond stoked to offer the best San Francisco team building activity around: our Haunted Team Builder Tour.

The greatest haunted tour in the Bay Area

You’re probably like, “Hmm, that’s a little…different?” We hear ya, but trust us, this is one San Francisco team building activity that your crew will truly love. Here’s why.

Your team will don real ghosting hunting gear (like EMF readers) and set off on a professionally-guided ghost hunt through the real haunted history of the area. They’ll learn ghostly tales while visiting mysterious and haunted places, and will compete in scavenger hunts and silly challenges. This exciting, hands on, and informative tour is perfect for anyone who loves escape rooms, history, and friendly competition.

Your team will share tons of laughs, face off with one another, learn about SF’s haunted past, and get to use real ghost hunting equipment on this five-star rated tour.

Chinatown at night

What your team can expect on a ghost tour

So you’re wondering how this Haunted Team Building Tour all goes down. Well, we make it ridiculously easy for both you and your team. Here’s exactly what you expect on our ghost tour.

We’ll meet your team outside of a bar (we recommend they meet early for a drink) on the edge of the Financial District, in a Gold Rush-era neighborhood called Jackson Square.

We’ll outfit everyone with ghost hunting gear (EMF readers) then set out on the ghost hunt, telling stories about the area (buried ships, hauntings, kidnapped sailors, the Great Earthquake of 1906). While this tour does have some dark details and creepy history, this tour is considered HR-friendly.

Types of challenges include:

  • Scavenger Hunt through the neighborhood to find hidden clues and take pictures of things
  • A collaborative team telling of the scariest ghost story
  • Assassin, the game where you shake hands but one person is “killing” everyone else
  • Finding ghosts: searching for high EMF readings, using dowsing rods and a Spirit Box

The tour can end at a bar as well, to keep the night going 🙂

Scarier than a Slack DM at 5:01 pm

Here are all the ghoulish details of our Haunted Team Builder Tour.

  • Haunted History – We hope you don’t mind getting the chills. The haunted history lesson you’ll get is a well-researched tour through true crimes and hauntings that took place on the very streets we’ll walk.
  • Haunted Locations – Visit mysterious and ghostly places in San Francisco, where residual ghost impressions are felt, poltergeists heard, and after death after consciousnesses are witnessed.
  • Ghost Sightings – This tour regularly stirs up spirits and invites apparitions. We’ve had guests report strange sensations, hear shrill sounds, and document unexplainable images in photographs from the tour.
  • Not “just a ghost tour,” this night tour includes tales of unexplained deaths, scandalous murders, the old red light district, famed spirits, Chinatown assassins, and much more.



The standard meeting location is near the Transamerica Pyramid, but we can meet you at a nearby bar (High Horse or Barbarossa Lounge).

We’ll end 3.5 blocks away, next to Mister Jiu’s.

Probably keep drinking.

Great post-tour bars:

  • Mister Jiu’s upstairs cocktail bar, Moongate Lounge
  • Li Po Lounge for Anthony Bourdain’s favorite Chinese mai tais
  • Red’s and Buddha Lounge, classic Chinatown dive bars

The tour is entirely outdoors, and you are encouraged to socially-distance to your level of comfort.

You are not required to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated.

Tour guide will carry hand sanitizer for your use after touching our ghost hunting tools.

Yes, the tour is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly.

  • Are there bathrooms? Nope, please do this before the tour.
  • Can we drink? This ain’t New Orleans! We will remove guests who are noticeably drunk and disruptive.
  • Is this the best ghost tour ever? Probably.

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