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Where to Go If You are Looking for a Ghost in San Francisco

San Francisco, which is often named one of the most haunted cities in America, is a ghost hunter’s paradise.

But why is our beloved city so full of ghosts, poltergeists and other restless spirits? And where should you go to meet one?

Whether you are an aspiring ghost hunter or a seasoned thrill-seeker, this article will answer your most burning questions about our city’s most famous spirits (and where to find them).

Restless Spirits in SF

San Francisco (SF) is a city that has seen more death and destruction than most others.

It has been ravaged by fire and devastated by one earthquake after another.

That kind of suffering always leaves its mark on the streets of a city, and San Francisco is no exception. It is said that for every living soul, six dead ones walk the streets of SF.

And, if that wasn’t enough, our charming city seems to be a magnet for criminals and evil masterminds.

From the infamous Zodiac Killer to the ruthless cult leader who orchestrated a murder-suicide of 918 people, SF has managed to attract more than its fair share of criminals over the years.

Now their ghosts, as well as the ghosts of their victims, roam the streets of the city, unable to find peace.

Where to Find a Ghost in San Francisco

1. The Montandon House

In the 1960s, the Montandon House was the home of Pat Montandon, a famous SF socialite who was cursed by a vindictive tarot reader.

After that, the Montandon house became uninhabitable.

An unnatural chill pervaded the house even though the thermostat was always adjusted to 90 degrees.

Soon enough, Montandon started hearing blood-curdling screams echoing through the empty house, and would frequently find doors and windows mysteriously locked from inside.

Something, or someone, still haunts the Montandon House to this day.

Do you dare find out who that is?

2. San Francisco Art Institute

Built on the grounds of an old cemetery, the San Francisco Art Institute is no ordinary school.

Students and visitors of the Institute regularly report seeing flickering lights and hearing phantom footsteps in the hallways.

You wouldn’t want to do late night studying there, but if you are looking for a ghost, this is the place to go!

3. The Atherton Mansion

While most haunted mansions stop at one or two ghosts, the Atherton Mansion is home to four incredibly restless spirits: George Atherton, his lovely, but controlling, wife, his domineering mother, and a crazy cat lady who watches them bicker every day.

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