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Bay Area Haunted Tours: Ghost Adventures in San Francisco

If you are looking for a spooky adventure in the Bay Area, taking part in one of San Francisco’s famous haunted tours could be right up your alley.

However, you could easily have your own ghost adventure here – even without a tour guide!

What is a Ghost Adventure?

If you have ever seen an episode of “Ghost Adventures,” you will know what we are talking about.

The hosts of the show come to a city and investigate haunted locations to collect visual or auditory evidence of paranormal activity.

The Bay Area (and San Francisco in particular) has been featured on the show more than once.

Their Alcatraz episode was particularly chilling and worth watching if you are planning your own ghost adventure!

Bay Area Haunted Tours: Spooky Adventures in San Francisco

If you are looking to have your own ghost adventure in the Bay Area, San Francisco should be your number one destination for investigating the paranormal.

1. Stay at a haunted hotel

You can start your spooky adventure off on the right foot by spending your first night in one of San Francisco’s haunted hotels.

We recommend either the San Remo Hotel in North Beach or the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. Both are guaranteed to give you the chills!

2. Spice up your morning stroll

Everyone knows that the best ghost adventures happen at night.

However, while you are waiting for the fog to roll in, a casual morning stroll through a park could provide all the ghostly entertainment you need.

Just stop by the haunted Stow Lake in the Golden Gate Park.

The ghost of a mother who accidentally drowned her child in the lake in the early 1900s has been cursed to wander the park forever, unable to find peace.

3. Pick your poison

There is no shortage of haunted places in San Francisco.

After all, it is home to the famous Zodiac Killer, the Trailside Killer, and even that infamous cult leader who killed 900 people in a single night… The list goes on.

You can spend weeks exploring San Francisco’s haunted history, so pick your poison, and let’s go!

4. Visit historic districts at night

Explore the ghosts of the Gold Rush in a historic neighborhood like Jackson Square or Chinatown.

These are the places to go if you are looking for trouble, paranormal or otherwise.

If you decide to venture into the belly of the beast, bring a friend and stay safe!

5. Take a haunted tour

If all of that is not enough to scare you, we suggest taking a proper haunted tour of San Francisco.

A haunted tour will give you a proper glimpse into the dark history of San Francisco.

It might even take you to a few places that don’t usually appear on the “most haunted” lists you can find on Google!

The Haunt Experience

If you are in the Bay Area, we’ve got the perfect haunted tours for you to check out.

Filled with tales of scandalous murders, ruthless cult leaders, and famed spirits, our Haunted San Francisco Ghost Tour will take you on a ghost adventure of a lifetime. This hands-on tour uses modern ghost hunting equipment and expert ghost hunter guides.

Ready to discover the dark side of SF?

Book a tour now.

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