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7 Unique Nighttime Things You Can Only Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is full of fun things to do after dark, from the typical clubbing to some less traditional after-hours pursuits like ghost hunting.

If you want to make your visit to San Francisco a little more memorable, check out these 7 things you can only do in the Fog City after the sun goes down!


7 Things You Can Only Do In in San Francisco (At Night)

1. Check out the Bay Bridge lights

At night, the utilitarian-looking San Francisco Bay Bridge transforms into a beautiful light sculpture with ever-changing light displays and patterns.

Check out the show from the top of the Coit Tower, or watch from the Embarcadero area located between the Bay Bridge ridge and the Ferry Building.

2. See Alcatraz at night

The infamous prison is even creepier at night than it is during the day… And that’s saying a lot!

If you’d like a chance to meet the ghosts of some of the most vicious criminals that ever lived, check out one of the Alcatraz Nighttime Tours.

The experience is worth the nightmares you will undoubtedly get afterward!

3. Go see the Speakeasy

Not just any speakeasy – The Speakeasy.

Complete with flappers, floozies, and gangsters straight out of the 1920s, it will take you back to the days of vice and debauchery in a unique “choose-your-own-adventure” experience.

4. Take an after-hours Segway Tour

Segways are an incredibly fun mode of transportation during the day. However, did you know you can actually take a Segway tour of nighttime San Francisco?

If that sounds like your idea of a fun night out, check out the tours by San Francisco Electric Tour Company!

5. Walk along Pier 7

Looking for a quieter nighttime activity? Take a walk along Pier 7.

Tucked away between Washington Street and Broadway, it offers beautiful views of the city lights and plenty of benches to sit down for a quiet conversation.

6. Take a quiet walk through Chinatown

Not long after the fog rolls in, the bustling streets of Chinatown go quiet, turning the busiest part of San Francisco into a ghost town.

Take a short walk along Grant Avenue to see Chinatown from a different angle.

Don’t forget to look up – the view of the red lanterns and neon lights against the twilight sky is stunning!

7. Go ghost hunting

Did you know that San Francisco is actually one of the most haunted cities in the United States?

Whether you choose to take a haunted tour or explore paranormal activity on your own, ghost hunting in San Francisco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Haunt Experience

Looking for things you can only experience in San Francisco? Intrigued by the many creepy ghost stories surrounding the Fog City?

Check out our Haunted San Francisco Ghost Tour.

It will take you on an unforgettable nighttime journey through the streets of San Francisco to show you a darker, more macabre side of our beloved city.

Ready to explore the dark side of San Francisco?

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