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Is the Union Square Hotel in San Francisco Haunted?

The Union Square Hotel in San Francisco is one of the oldest, most famous hotels in San Francisco. Some say it’s also haunted – but what hotel in San Francisco isn’t?

In this article, we will explore the ghost stories surrounding the Union Square Hotel. Thus, prepare yourself for a paranormal adventure here in San Francisco.

The Union Square Hotel: What You Need to Know

Standing right on the edge of Union Square and San Francisco’s infamous Tenderloin district, the Union Square Hotel could not be located in a more central spot.

The sharp contrast between its commercial, touristy front and its proximity to one of the most poverty-ridden neighborhoods of the city, makes it feel like a liminal space.

And you know who likes to hang out in liminal spaces, right?

Rumor has it, the hotel’s modern interior still hides some haunting secrets from its tumultuous past… As well as a few ghostly residents who seem to have forgotten their checkout time.

Where to find it: 114 Powell Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA 94102

Is the Union Square Hotel in San Francisco Haunted?

The 100-year old luxury hotel is the topic of quite a few haunted stories from days long gone.

1. The friendly wraith

Room 207 seems to be haunted by a friendly female ghost.

Many guests have reported seeing a semi-transparent female figure that opens and closes bathroom doors and roams around the room.

Some have called her a wraith, but she does not seem to be mischievous or malevolent at all.

However, the hotel staff frequently finds stray items (like a spare Kleenex) when this room has been cleared for guests. Perhaps the ghost just wants to keep the room for herself?

2. The suicidal girl

More than a hundred years ago, a young girl named Florence Cushing hurled herself from the 7th-floor window of Hotel Paisley.

Several of Union Square’s rooms face the parking lot where she ended her life.

Some guests have made a connection between her spirit, and the uneasy feeling they have in their rooms.

One of the rooms that face the lot is Room 514, which has often been described as hosting a paranormal presence of some sort.

Some ghost hunters have even reported seeing her ghost roaming the halls of the hotel.

She does not seem willing to communicate with anyone, but, if you are visiting San Francisco, you can always stop by and see for yourself!

The Haunt Experience

The Union Square Hotel is not the only haunted location in San Francisco, far from it!

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