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SF’s Chilling Paranormal Investigation Tours

Paranormal investigation tours have become very popular among San Francisco’s visitors, and for good reason.

If you take a walk through San Francisco’s Tenderloin district or pay a visit to the infamous Alcatraz Island, you are almost guaranteed to run into something otherworldly.

If you are curious about paranormal investigation tours, and what a San Francisco one might look like, keep reading!

What You Should Know about Paranormal Investigation Tours

What is the key to a successful paranormal investigation tour?

Knowing your history, of course.

Once you have a good idea of why a place is haunted, you can start looking for signs of paranormal activity. If you are ghost hunting in San Francisco, you are bound to find some!

Generally, participants of paranormal investigation tours often report feeling cold spots, hearing voices, and even seeing corporeal manifestations of various spiritual entities.

Becoming a victim of a bored poltergeist’s antics is more common than you’d think!

If simply exploring a haunted place is not enough for you, you can try to lure out the spirits residing thereby bringing along a psychic or a medium.

Why Take a Paranormal Investigation Tour in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most haunted cities in the United States.

It is said that for every living soul, six dead ones walk the streets of San Francisco.

This sentiment is probably not too far from the truth. Actually, the city has seen a remarkable amount of death and destruction in its day.

Earthquakes, fires, and nasty rodent invasions… That kind of suffering always leaves a spiritual mark on a city, and San Francisco is no exception.

Therefore, the sheer quantity of supposedly haunted places here is staggering.

Everywhere you go, from hotels to restaurants, there seems to be a resident ghost haunting the premises, and at least a few creepy stories to go with it.

What’s more, multiple episodes of the popular American show “Ghost Adventures” have been set in San Francisco.

The Alcatraz episode is particularly memorable – definitely check it out before planning your own paranormal investigation!

The Haunt Experience

Our Paranormal Investigation Tour is perfect for aspiring and seasoned ghost hunters and paranormal investigators alike.

It will take you on an unforgettable journey through downtown San Francisco to show you a macabre side of the Fog City you didn’t even know was there.

Ready to discover the dark side of San Francisco?

Book a tour now.

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