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7 Exciting Evening Tours to Enjoy in San Francisco

Wondering what to do with a free evening in San Francisco? Check out one of the city’s most famous night tours below. From chilling ghost tours to segway rides to pub crawls, there is something for everyone!


Why Take an Evening Tour of San Francisco

The beautiful city lights alone are worth wandering outside after dark, but there is more to nighttime San Francisco than that.

Did you know that San Francisco is actually one of the most haunted cities in all of the United States?

The ghosts like to keep to themselves during the day, but a few always come out to play after the fog rolls in.

7 Exciting Evening Tours to Enjoy in San Francisco

1. Alcatraz Night Tour

Alcatraz Island, home to one of the most brutal maximum-security prisons to have ever existed, is one of the most haunted locations in all of the United States.

The souls of the ruthless criminals who spent their last days here still can’t find peace… So don’t be surprised if you run into a ghost or two.

The Alcatraz Night Tour has a limited number of visitors, which allows the prison personnel to open up additional areas for visitors to see.

Keep in mind that these tours only run Thursday to Monday nights. To be safe, book them as soon as they become available (90 days in advance).

And don’t forget to bring a jacket! San Francisco gets significantly cooler at night, and Alcatraz Island tends to be particularly chilly.

2. Night Segway Tour

If you want to experience San Francisco in a slightly odd, yet fun way, consider taking a Night Segway Tour.

The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and takes you through some of San Francisco’s most charming neighborhoods, beginning at Fisherman’s Wharf and ending up in Little Italy and Chinatown.

Don’t worry if you have never ridden a segway before! The tour includes 30 to 45 minutes of training to get you acquainted with the self-balancing vehicle.

3. Double Decker Night Tour

If balancing on a segway is not your thing, and you’d rather chill out during your evening of exploring San Francisco, the Double Decker Night Tour of San Francisco could be for you.

Just sit back, relax, and soak in the lights of San Francisco as the bus driver takes you past all the top sights.

In just 2 hours, you will see most of San Francisco’s charming neighborhoods, including North Beach and Chinatown.

You should also be able to get some fantastic shots of the Bay Bridge lights when the bus drives by there!

4. Downtown Craft Cocktail Tour

The Craft Cocktail Tour is a great introduction to San Francisco’s bar scene – and a great start to a fun Friday night out!

The tour starts with a short lesson on bitters at Pacific Cocktail Haven in Union Square.

Afterward, you will hit up other popular locations for a few cocktails, learn more about the history of the Union Square District and even discover some hidden cocktail-related gems in the area.

The Downtown Craft Cocktail Tour lasts a total of 3 hours and runs most Friday and Saturday nights.

The cocktail tour includes a few food pairings, but you might want to grab a bite beforehand if you are a bit of a lightweight!

5. Mission District Night Tour

The Mission District in San Francisco is one of the best places to recommend to your foodie friends and visitors.

In addition to several excellent food tastings ranging from seasonal pastries to tacos, you will stop by the Dandelion Chocolate for a short chocolate-making tour.

If you love to sample new dishes and experience different cultures, this tour is a must for you!

6. Chinatown/North Beach Walking Tour

A simple walking tour can be much more exciting at night!

This one starts off in Chinatown where you will watch how fortune cookies are made, enjoy some dim sum from one of the oldest bakeries there, as well as savor some traditional Chinese tea.

In North Beach, you will sample Italian coffee, pizza, and wine, while learning about the top hangout spots of the Beat Generation.

7. North Beach Pub Crawl

Are you a fan of the Beat Generation? Then the North Beach Pub Crawl is for you!

This 2.5-hour tour will take you straight to Jack Kerouac’s favorite San Francisco spot, The Vesuvio Cafe.

You can just imagine Kerouac sitting there by the window, sipping his margarita!

The tour will also take you to the famed City Light Bookstore, as well as several other popular bars and restaurants where the artists of the Beat Generation ate, drank, and worked on their craft.

The Haunt Experience

Looking for more spooky evening tours of San Francisco? Already seen Alcatraz Island?

Check out our Haunted San Francisco Ghost Tour.

Full of tales of scandalous murders and ruthless cult leaders, it will take you on an unforgettable journey through the darkened streets of nighttime San Francisco.

In the past, our tour has been known to stir up some restless spirits… So you might even get to meet a ghost or two!

Ready to discover the dark side of San Francisco?

Book a tour now.

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