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Is the Golden Gate Bridge Haunted?

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic American landmark, known as “the most photographed bridge in the world”. What most people don’t know, however, is that the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding area is haunted.

Why the Golden Gate Bridge is Haunted

Since 1937, more than 1,500 suicides have occurred on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The only bridge that even comes close to having a suicide rate like this is the infamous Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in China – but that’s a story for another time.

Authorities have tried to prevent further suicides by closing the bridge to foot traffic after 6:30 pm and even assigning officers to patrol the walkway.

But, nevertheless, the tormented souls of the dead jumpers continue to haunt the Golden Gate Bridge.

On dark and foggy nights, they can be seen roaming the walkways and searching for their next victim. Witnesses often report hearing their screams and feeling pulled towards the edge of the bridge themselves.

Myths Surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge

The area surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge has its fair share of ghost stories.

1. The Reappearance of Tennessee SS

In 1853, an SS Tennessee streamer fell victim to the notorious Golden Gate current and sank to the bottom of the bay.

In November of 1942, the crew members of the USS Kennison stared in amazement as an outmoded SS Tennessee sailed past them near the gate. The ghost ship left a wake in the water but nothing registered on the Kennison’s radar.

2. The Graveyard of Haunted Ships

Since the 1942 sighting, many witnesses have reported seeing old ships that disappear into the fog when they pass the haunted steel towers of Golden Gate Bridge.

Especially, in 2014, a graveyard of sunken ships was discovered just west of the bridge.

Perhaps the old ships’ captains cannot accept their fate and move on?

3. The White Lady of The Golden Gate Park

Not far from the haunted Golden Gate Bridge itself, another one of San Francisco’s most popular ghost stories takes place.

As the legend goes, a mother was taking a walk through the Golden Gate Park with her baby in a stroller. She stopped to chat with a friend and looked away from the stroller for a few minutes.

When she turned back around, the strolled had disappeared into the depths of the nearby lake.

The mother dove in to rescue her child… However, neither of them were ever seen again. To this day, visitors regularly report seeing a woman in soaking wet clothing asking them “Have you seen my baby?”

The Wild SF Experience

It’s not just the Golden Gate Bridge that’s haunted. You’ll be surprised to find what other mysteries live within this city.

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