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5 Must-See Haunted House Attractions in San Francisco

Did you know that San Francisco is one of the most haunted cities in the United States?

If you have a love of scandalous murders and ruthless cult leaders (and happen to be visiting San Francisco), make sure you check out these 5 haunted house attractions.

It’s important to know, none of these are staged haunted house productions.

5 Haunted House Attractions in San Francisco

1. The Winchester Mystery House

Location: San Jose

The Spook Factor: 5/5

Why you should visit:

After the death of the rifle tycoon William Winchester, his widow went to a psychic, who told her that the spirits of everyone killed by her husband’s rifles had cursed her family.

In order to escape death and destruction, she was told to move west and use her fortune to build a temple in their honor. However, if the construction on the temple ever ceased, the spirits would come after her and her family again.

She spent the rest of her life building the Winchester mansion, but, after her death, the spirits did not move on. Thus, they now haunt the Winchester mansion and everyone who dares to enter.

This place is often named “the most haunted house in the world”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

2. The Mayhem Manor

Location: Cow Hollow

The Spook Factor: 4/5

Why you should visit:

The mystery of why exactly this house is so haunted remains unsolved, but it can keep up with the Winchester manor in terms of creepy, unexplained occurrences.

From seeing a ghost perched on a chair upstairs, to constantly dealing with flickering lights and shadowy figures in the dark, there are plenty of paranormal activities to witness around there.

Someone seems to be watching your every move. Can you handle it?

3. The Old San Francisco Mint (House of Horrors)

Location: SOMA

The Spook Factor: 4/5

Why you should visit:

With empty vaults, dark, narrow staircases and that one dark back alley you just can’t get off your mind, the Old San Francisco Mint is full of dark secrets and untold stories of times long past.

This place is creepy even when it’s trying not to be. But with the added haunted house attractions, your dignity does not stand a chance.

4. The Haskell House

Location: Fort Mason

The Spook Factor: 3/5

Why you should visit:

This is the spot where the infamous duel between U.S. Senator David Broderick and State Supreme Court Justice David Terry occurred in 1857. To this day, Broderick’s ghost can be seen pacing back and forth at the Haskell House.

Generally, this place is bound to make you feel a little bit uneasy. Visitors often report seeing shadows and feeling like someone is following them… Perhaps it’s David Broderick himself?

5. The Atherton Mansion

Location: Pacific Heights

The Spook Factor: 5/5

Why you should visit:

Back in the 1800s, a troubled young man named George Atherton tried to run away from home and move to Chile because he was constantly bullied and belittled by his socially prominent family.

Unfortunately, George’s kidneys failed on the way there, and his body had to be sent back to San Francisco. He was then buried on the grounds of the Atherton Mansion, and it seems like his spirit has never left the premises.

Several owners have come and gone because of the constant manifestations like cold spots, wind blowing through empty rooms and voices during the night…

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