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2 Haunted Locations to Explore on Haight Street in San Francisco

Rumor has it, the famous Haight Street in San Francisco is haunted.

But why? And where should you go if you want to experience the dark side of the charming Haight-Ashbury neighborhood?

In this article, we will explore the haunted history of Haight Street and share some must-see locations for paranormal enthusiasts and aspiring ghost hunters alike.

Is Haight Street in San Francisco Really Haunted?

Very much so.

Back in the 1960s, the charming Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was the heart of San Francisco’s “hippie culture.”

It wasn’t all tie-dye T-shirts and flower-power vibes, though: the neighborhood had a dark side. Drug overdoses and murders were not uncommon.

These types of emotionally-charged events always leave behind some spiritual residue, and Haight Street is no exception.

If you are looking to have a paranormal experience in San Francisco, a stroll down Haight Street might just be the best place to start!

2 Haunted Locations to Explore on Haight Street

1. The Beautiful Victorian Homes

Finding a house on Haight Street that is not haunted is a difficult job. A whole row of beautiful Victorian houses, all designed by an architect named Robert Cranston, have been at the center of one ghost story or another.

In addition, Haight Street was once home to such notorious figures as Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and Janis Joplin.

Given the lives these people lived, it is no surprise that their houses are teeming with unresolved spiritual energy.

The Manson Family resided at 636 Cole Street during the 1967 Summer of Love, before moving to Spahn Ranch, where the group carried out their notorious 1969 murders of Sharon Tate and others. The house is currently a rental, which may well carry the spiritual residue of the cult.

2. Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista, one of the city’s older parks, may not be the best place for your nighttime stroll.

It is full of repurposed tombstones from the Gold Rush era, as bodies were dug up and relocated to new cemeteries in the city or in Colma, the necropolis south of San Francisco. Look at the rain gutters in the park, and you’ll see engraved names and dates from the 1800’s, revealing that these are former headstones on plots.

As a result, it seems that at least some of the dead have not found peace. Visitors often report feeling someone else’s presence while walking along the Buena Vista trail. Some hikers have also claimed to see a dark-hooded figure skulking in the bushes, which may be a ghostly residual impression.

The Wild SF Experience

Haight Street is not the only place in San Francisco with a haunted past.

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