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Is the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco Really Haunted?

The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco is rumored to be haunted by more than one restless spirit.

If the price tag of $500 per night does not scare you, you can try to meet some of them yourself…

Or you can keep reading to find out who haunts the Fairmont Hotel – and why!

Where to Find the Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Hotel oversees San Francisco from its lofty perch atop Nob Hill.

Because of the hotel’s location, it was protected from the worst devastating earthquake that rocked San Francisco in 1906.

Therefore, the building did not go completely unscathed. It suffered some fire and smoke damage, and its windows were destroyed by the heat.

However, the main body of the hotel remained rock-solid in the midst of utter devastation.

Address: 950 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Is the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco Really Haunted?

The seemingly-indestructible Fairmont Hotel has seen it all – the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Prohibition years…

As a result, it’s no surprise some of the hotel’s more colorful inhabitants have decided to stick around and haunt its halls long after their death.

The Fair sisters

The Fairmont Hotel is supposedly haunted by the original founders of the hotel – a pair of silver mining heiresses named Theresa and Virginia Fair.

The sisters were killed in the 1906 earthquake.

Despite their untimely death, the sisters’ spirits seem to have no ill intentions towards the guests…

In fact, they have been known to take care of their visitors and even caress them in their sleep.

Creepy or sweet? You decide.

The friendly prostitute

The ghost of a prostitute who was murdered in her room can often be seen roaming around the hotel.

Again, despite her untimely (and gruesome) death, her ghost doesn’t show any signs of malevolent behavior.

She simply likes to chat up the guests and lounge around on the hotel’s beautiful four-poster beds in her red teddy.

(Who can blame her? The Fairmont Hotel is absolutely stunning!)

The restless soldiers

Visitors have also reported seeing a group of World War II soldiers hanging around the hotel.

While these men have certainly seen some dark times, they don’t seem too keen on reminiscing about these dark time with the hotel’s guests.

So if you want to catch a glimpse of this group of ghosts, you should go to the 7th floor of the hotel after dark!

The Haunt Experience

The Fairmont Hotel is not the only haunted hotel in San Francisco… Far from it.

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Led by experienced San Francisco locals – Mary, Sebastian, and Wes – it will show you a different side of our beloved city… One that you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Who knows, you might even get to meet a ghost or two!

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