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Is the Curran Theater in San Francisco Haunted?

Did you know that the Curran Theater in San Francisco is considered to be one of the city’s most haunted places?

The majestic building has become a key destination for paranormal enthusiasts from around the world.

However, the restless spirit that roams its halls may not be as scary as you think!

Where to Find the Curran Theater in San Francisco

The Curran Theater is located in the historic Theater District of San Francisco – not too far from San Francisco’s infamous Tenderloin District.

The building sits right in between Mason and Taylor Streets. It is surrounded by other famous San Francisco entertainment venues such as the Golden Gate Theater and the Orpheum Theater.

Address: 445 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Is the Curran Theater in San Francisco Haunted?

On November 28, 1993, just two days before Thanksgiving, an innocent man was murdered at the Curran Theater.

When a gaunt, restless-looking man shoved his way to the front of the line at the box office that evening, the office’s young treasurer, Hewlett Tarr, didn’t think much of it.

He was preparing to have dinner with his fiance who, after a five-year engagement, was finally about to become his wifein just a few short weeks.

However, their wedding day never came.

Without uttering a single word, the customer pulled out a revolver and killed Tarr on the spot. This guy was Eddie Anderson, a 25-year-old electrician-turned-bandit.

Anderson claimed that his professional income as an electrician didn’t give him enough “easy dough to show [his] girlfriend the bright lights” so he had to go looking for the money elsewhere.

Before the incident, Anderson had already held up five businesses at gunpoint. So, his trial ended up being one of the swiftest in San Francisco.

By late December 1993, the killer was sentenced to hang.

If you visit the theater now, you are likely to hear eerie sounds echoing through the hallways.

Some patrons have also reported seeing Tarr’s reflection in the lobby mirrors.

The young treasurer’s death was both untimely and violent. Meanwhile, the locals do not actually consider Tarr’s spirit to be particularly malevolent.

Many think of him as the theater’s own little guardian angel, protecting the patrons from future violence.

However, Tarr may not be the only restless spirit roaming the halls of the Curran Theater.

Actors and actresses have always been the haunted types… Some of them may have stuck around to haunt their old place of employment after their deaths.

That would certainly explain the sheer amount of haunted occurrences and stories surrounding the Curran Theater!

The Haunt Experience

The Curran Theater is one of the most undoubtedly haunted places in San Francisco.

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