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Why Take a Crime Tour of San Francisco?

If bloody murders and scandalous robberies are your things, a crime tour of San Francisco would be right up your alley.

From the murder spree of the infamous Zodiac Killer to the less publicized, yet equally terrifying murders committed by The Doodler, San Francisco’s dark past has everything a true crime and horror fan would ever want to see.

So, What is a Crime Tour?

No, you don’t get to go on a crime spree yourself.

Yes, we are sure.

However, you do get to go back to some of the grizzliest, most shocking (and yet most fascinating) murders, robberies and unsolved mysteries of all time.

Want to see where the nastiest murders of the 20th century took place? Walk the same streets the Zodiac Killer once walked? Find out who San Francisco’s most overlooked serial killer really was?

We’ve got you covered.

Why Take a Crime Tour in San Francisco

Crime rates in big cities may seem terrifying, but the history of infamous killers in San Francisco is quite intriguing.

In 1993, 129 murders were committed within the SF city limits.

And if you think things have improved since then? Think again.

The violent crime rate for San Francisco in 2016 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 78.95%. Furthermore, the city property crime rate was higher than the national property crime rate average by 122.03%

However, the more interesting aspect of San Francisco’s crime is its history of infamous criminals.

San Francisco’s Most Famous Criminals

Murderers, robbers and ruthless drug lords seem to be drawn to San Francisco’s streets like moths to a flame.

The Doodler, whose brutal murders were even more terrifying than those of the Zodiac Killer, but went unreported in the media and are nearly unknown today.

Felix Mitchell, the grandfather of the Oakland drug trade, whose funeral felt more like that of a sitting president.

And of course, the infamous Unabomber, whose strange downward spiral sent him into a killing frenzy back in the 1980s.

All of these men once walked the streets of San Francisco, uninhibited by law or morals.

(And hey, the Zodiac Killer still hasn’t been caught… So keep an eye out for any suspicious 80-year olds.)

The Haunt Experience

Our Haunted Tour will give you an unrivaled look into the dark side of San Francisco’s history.

We will show you every macabre thing you have ever wanted to see, and then some: murders, robberies, suicides… And a ghost or two, lurking in the shadows, waiting to catch an unsuspecting visitor off guard.

Ready to experience the dark side of San Francisco?

Book a tour now.

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