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Experience the supernatural with a storyteller-ghost hunter on a nighttime adventure that’s perfect for believers and skeptics alike.

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San Francisco Ghost Tour

"The Haunt was a fantastic family adventure! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, making it an unforgettable and fun experience for all of us (yes, even our hard-to-please teens!)."

– Jennifer M. on TripAdvisor


What Sets Us Apart

Professional Guides

You will be led by one of our professional guide-ghost hunters. We have been conducting haunted walking tours for over nine years and are rated 5 stars across Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor reviews.

Ghost Hunting Tools
Each ticket includes use of an EMF meter during the tour. We’ll bring other professional tools, and use them to investigate further when we pick up on strange sensations or peculiar EMF readings.
Haunted History

We hope you don’t mind getting the chills. Get ready for a well-researched haunted history lesson through true crimes and hauntings that took place on the very streets and alleyways we’ll walk.

Real Haunted Sites

While we don’t go inside any buildings, we’ll glimpse ghostly locations where residual ghost impressions are felt, poltergeists heard, and after death after consciousnesses can be encountered.


Meet The Team

Our goal is to share the creepy and mysterious places and stories we’ve discovered, and make sure you fall in love with our haunted city too.

Aliya, San Francisco

Aliya is a California native with an interest in the paranormal gained from an early and unrestricted access to the History Channel. When not touring she is an actor, improvisor and theatre educator.

Rose, San Francisco

From Richmond Virginia, Rose inherits a ghost hunting lineage. She's entwining her passion for vintage art into a Museum Studies Master's at SF State. Beyond books, she prowls America's ghost towns, prying open their paranormal mysteries.

Caitlyn, Los Angeles

An actor, director, and theatre educator from Washington, Caitlyn moved to Los Angeles to pursue her craft. When not telling ghost stories, you will find her putting on murder mystery shows with The American Immersion Theatre Company, teaching performance classes at the Young Actors Theatre Camp, acting in various films, or spending time with her best friend and pet turtle Hercules.

Cindy, Solvang

A California Central Coast native, Cindy got her first deck of tarot cards at age 11, becoming a skilled reader. She has been studying occult and esoteric religions in depth for the past ten years, and frequents pagan conventions. By night, Cindy is somnambulant (staying aware when asleep), and has honed her skills as astral traveling. She is deeply connected to plants, spiders and snakes, and even more disturbingly? She's someone's mom.

Aedan, Temecula

An Inland Empire native, Aedan is a writer, actor, and enthusiast for all things paranormal. When they're not touring or tapping away at a typewriter, they can be found tending to their many, many houseplants.

Jamie, San Francisco

Jamie is a Bay Area native who studied history at San Francisco State University. Every paper he wrote was either about San Francisco or witches. In his free time he is pursuing screenwriting where he continues to write about demons, vampires and the like.

Geena, Temecula

Geena has had an interest in the paranormal since she was a child. She has always felt a sense of comfort from learning about spirits and ghosts. When she is not touring, Geena is working toward her elementary education degree and reading every book she can get her hands on.

Carey, Los Angeles

Producer of the LA Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival, Carey is a former mortuary worker and fan of the macabre. He's an actor, and has appeared with Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, and on other movies and TV shows. Ask him anything about Steely Dan or Prince films, and look out for his forthcoming LA neo-noir comic book.

John, Solvang

John kills -- on stage, that is. Besides leading brave souls through the haunted streets and alleyways of Solvang, John is a stand-up comedian who has headlined all over the world. He is a regular at the Laugh Factory and Improvs. He enjoys giving his groups a good scare mixed in with some laughter.

Ashes, Solvang

Ashes is drawn to the world of ghosts because she is also dead (inside)! She's a globally-recognized Marilyn Monroe impersonator, so technically she only plays a dead person on TV. If she's your tour guide, she may even deliver a message to you from the other side! Her excitement and love of all things haunted is immediately apparent in her joyful presentations.

Trevor, Los Angeles

Trevor Kravits is an award-winning filmmaker and comedian from Chicago. He previously lived in New Orleans, where he produced variety shows, music videos and made friends with a handful of ghostly apparitions.

Ryan, Solvang

Born in the foggy realms of Santa Barbara, Ryan's love for the eerie was kindled by horror films and vaudeville. He's a natural storyteller who thrives on the mysterious. and loves engaging with every wandering soul. Away from ghostly tales, he's often found juggling, playing music, or lost in the echoes of an audiobook.

Wes Leslie, cofounder

Wes leads our LA tours -- he is a Bay Area native who became a ghost hunter after encountering residual impressions while living in New Orleans. Also an r&b musician and fan of cocktails.

Jordon Jo, cofounder

The man behind the curtain. Jordon helps design and refine our experiences, and has his own connections to New Orleans, spiritualism and the occult. Also a musician, fan of nature and family.


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