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Private SF Ghost Tours

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Private SF Ghost Tours

Private ghost hunting adventures in San Francisco

The perfect event for team outings, birthdays and funerals.

The Haunt is a hands-on ghost adventure through the streets of San Francisco. Bring your friends along and time travel to Gold Rush-era neighborhoods by night, seeking out evidence of the paranormal and hearing unforgettable tales from the city’s haunted past.

Everyone will get to carry their own EMF detector during the tour, and your guide will bring other modern ghost hunting tools, which will be used throughout the tour.

We think of this as more than “just a ghost tour,” with a perfect blend of haunted history, engaging storytelling, stunning architecture, and real ghost hunting.

Chinatown at night

Tour Overview

For private tours, we recommend kicking off at a nearby bar (High Horse, Comstock Saloon), then walking over to meet us at the Transamerica Pyramid.

We’ll get outfitted with our ghost hunting gear, and enter the Victorian-era Jackson Square Historic District, with eerie, well-preserved architecture.

We’ll talk about the lost graves and ships buried beneath us, and the hauntings and ghosts still seen in windows to this day.

Get a taste of the destruction of the Great Earthquake of 1906, and the residual hauntings that plague the neighborhood from that era.

Whenever EMF activity starts spiking on our EMF meters, we can investigate using tools like dowsing rods and a Spirit Box.

Next we’ll snake through the back alleys of Chinatown, learning of the neighborhood’s tragedies, including the true crimes whose energies remain — including a mysterious death in a historic theatre, and an infamous massacre at the Golden Dragon restaurant.

We’ll conclude the investigation with a ceremony to thank the spirits joined us, using music, a candle, and a few rituals to ensure that nothing follows you home.

What’s Included 


We meet near the Transamerica Pyramid, and end near Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown.

We can meet your group at a nearby bar (High Horse and Comstock Saloon are our top bets) to kick things off, and walk you to a nearby bar to continue the evening.

We end right next to Mister Jiu’s, which is a great post-tour spot for drinks and food 🙂

We currently cannot customize the route or content beyond this.

In our experience, this doesn’t quite work! The 1.75 hour tour turns into a 4 hour event, and our tour guides are usually booked with back-to-back events.

Instead, we suggest meeting for a drink before the tour, then heading off to another watering hole once you survive the journey.

Now that’s a lot of spirits!

We think so! The tour does include some talk of violence and the macabre, but is generally considered family-friendly.

There are no shock/scare moments.

Everyone, including children, must have a paid ticket.

Explore Chinatown! We recommend:

  • Drinks – General Lee’s and Melody Lounge for cocktails and DJ’s
  • Food – Suehiro Mini (ramen), Full Moon House (Chinese)

The tour is entirely outdoors, and you are encouraged to socially-distance to your level of comfort.

You are not required to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated.

Tour guide will carry hand sanitizer for your use after touching our ghost hunting tools.

Yes, the tour is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly.

Portsmouth Square Garage is our top bet, located at 733 Kearny St.

There are other garages in the area, including 750 Kearny St (at the Hilton hotel) and 555 Jackson St.

We regularly stir up energies and interact with spirits.

The tour ventures through some of the oldest and most haunted streets of San Francisco, where residual ghost impressions are felt, poltergeists heard, and after death after consciousnesses are witnessed.

Using our ghost hunting tools, this tour attempts to contact spirits and invite apparitions.

We’ve had guests report strange sensations (dizziness, feeling pinched, tapped or grabbed), hear shrill sounds and voices, see apparitions, and document unexplainable images in photographs from the tour.

  • Are there bathrooms? Nope, please do this before the tour.
  • Can we drink? This ain’t New Orleans! We will remove guests who are noticeably drunk and disruptive.
  • Is this the best ghost tour ever? Probably.

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