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Why You Should Take a Ghost Tour of San Francisco City Hall

Have you heard the ghost stories surrounding San Francisco’s City Hall? If not, consider this article your own private tour of the haunted history of this infamous building (as well as it’s ghostly inhabitants).

About the San Francisco City Hall

The City Hall building was built on the land of the Yerba Buena Cemetery.

The cemetery’s residents had already been dug up once before when the city council decided to extend Powell Street towards the Russian Hill.

Clearly, the spirits of the dead did not like the disturbance.

The City Hall was destroyed by the earthquake of 1906 and has been the site of a surprising number of hauntings and paranormal occurrences ever since.

The reconstructed building also happens to be one of the finest examples of French Renaissance architecture in the United States. It is definitely worth a visit, whether you are on a ghost tour or not!

Where to find it: 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Why Take a Ghost Tour of San Francisco’s City Hall

1. The punctual ghost

Back in 1924, a series of strange occurrences left the employees of the City Hall mystified – and a little frightened.

Every day, shortly after noon, they would hear a rapping sound coming from the walls.

There would be five raps, followed by a short pause, and then another three raps.

Nobody could find an explanation for the rapping.

The ghost was incredibly punctual, but not too keen on communicating with psychics and mediums during formal seances.

Want to try meeting them yourself? Just drop by the City Hall a little past noon, and listen quietly.

2. The double murder

In 1978, a conflict arose between two men on the city council: Dan White and Harvey Milk.

Unable to handle the situation, White resigned, but soon regretted his decision and showed up at City Hall to ask Major Macone for his reinstatement.

Macone declined, and White, bent on revenge, returned to the City Hall with a 0.38 revolver.

He killed both the Major and his rival Harvey Milk in cold blood.

Many of the City Hall’s creepy occurrences have been attributed to the ghosts of these three men.

But why are they still fighting for power and influence in a city that has long forgotten them?

Join us on our ghost tour, and you might find out!

The Haunt Experience

What happened to the bodies buried in the Yerba Buena Cemetery? Why are the spirits of the dead refusing to quiet down? Who is the ghost making all those rapping sounds every day?

The answers to all of your questions will be revealed during our Haunted Ghost Tour of San Francisco.

During the tour, we will reveal some of the lesser-known stories surrounding San Francisco’s creepiest buildings, as well as show you why thousands of ghost hunters from all over the world come here every year.

Ready to discover the dark side of San Francisco?

Book a tour now.

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